Custom WordPress Web Design and Development in Sarasota

We design custom WordPress sites for small businesses and non-profits including shopping cart systems. Whatever you need, we can build it and exceed your expectations. We never use a template right out of the box – we make the website look just like you want it to. We build fast loading websites considering your long term needs.

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One of the big advantages of working with Frank’s Designs is that we have extensive graphic design skills so images on your website will be sharp and clear. We love creating custom website designs with unique artwork and custom backgrounds so that your business will stand out. Every website we’ve created since early 2012 is responsive (not all of them are shown here).

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Premium Professional Web Design Examples:

These are all live websites because we have happy customers.

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Premium websites include professionally written content for psychological impact and superior search engine optimization. They are designed to be scalable so you can add content or functionality in the future and often include special features, shopping carts and / or custom programming.

Mid-range Professional Web Design Examples:

Most written content is provided to us. Many of these sites are designed so content can be edited by the client. Some of these websites include blogs. All sites have a custom look and feel.

Old School HTML only Websites:

Basic websites are typically smaller with few pages. The client provides all information. Logos and custom images are separate costs.

The following items are included with every website we design and host:

  • White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your site really performs.
  • Tech Support – so if you ever have a problem it is fixed right away!
  • Offsite Backups – in case something goes wrong we can fix it FAST!
  • Continuous Updates to WordPress core and Plugins.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are a lot of myths around SEO. It’s big business and there is a lot of deception. The truth is, the very best time to optimize your website is as it’s being built, by doing things the right way and being conscientious about how things affect SEO. We use white hat (ethical) techniques, so the effect is long lasting. Google penalizes websites for using unethical practices.