Video Production

Frank's Designs has the ability to produce great videos. Our particular skill is in producing videos in situations where getting good audio is difficult. Videos are a great way to increase exposure for your business.

Below are examples of YouTube Videos we've created with a few comments below each one about them.

This video was from a mobile phone. Not much to work with but when you have lemons you make lemonade. We used a technique commonly seen on TV news when they get a vertical video as well as providing voice overs and extensive audio editing and enhancement because the original audio was very noisy.

This video is a full screen intro which can be viewed at The original version of this video was much longer but we opted for a short looping video instead.

This video, created for the insulation division of Wentzel's Heating and Air Conditioning, was created from cell phone videos, plus graphics created by Frank's Designs as well as stock photography and audio. After the first run I chose to hire a professional voice over actor, Shane Morris. Like Frank's Designs, Shane Morris is based in Sarasota. Both I and Wentzel's are very happy with the result!

This playful video was created at Urfer Park with photos from other parts of Sarasota, all of the audio was done with vocals.

This simple video was created using footage and images captured by the owner.