Search Engine Optimization

From DIY to Professional Website | A Case Study

By Frank | November 17, 2017
2017 Sarasota Web Design Responsive Montage for Sifu Brian Taylor Kung Fu was a website built without professional assistance. On the positive side, the site served its purpose. It was built for a start up, low budget martial arts school. After being in business for one full year, the Owner asked me to help him build a new…

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Is Your Search Engine Optimization Provider Ethical?

By Frank | October 1, 2017
woman in stylish white hat which covers her eyes

Fierce competition has made some ‘White Hat’ SEO service providers compromise their values. Here is why that will not end up well for your business. “White Hat” SEO is universally known to be the gold standard in search engine optimization. But what does that mean…

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Pop-Up Window Effectiveness

By Frank | May 20, 2013

A client recently asked me to add a “overlay window” (a special kind of pop-up) which said “save money.” If you click on it the pop-up it takes you to a page about how you can save money with their company. While I’m not a…

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Search Engine Strategies are Evolving

By Frank | January 5, 2013
SEO is in our Blood

Opinions on search engine optimization strategy are shifting again. A brief history of strategies: Content is King Content is King and you have to optimize for Search Engines You have to change your content it all the time to stay ahead of the competition (no!)…

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