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Logo Design for Tap 72 in Sarasota

By Frank | September 1, 2016
Tap 72 Logo

When Tom Elliot of Linksters Tap Room contacted me to design a logo for Tap 72 we started with the concept of a bulldog with a beer tap. After many revisions we decided to emphasize the clean lines of a state road sign complement that with the word…

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Large Custom Graphic for Le Macaron San Francisco

By Frank | October 29, 2015
Le Macaron San Francisco Banner Design

As a courtesy to my clients in other cities I have tracked down local printers who can handle various jobs. In this case I wanted a printer in southern San Francisco which could handle large format vinyl banners. Because of the mall’s requirements it was…

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Custom Return Address Stamps

By Frank | September 1, 2015
Custom Return Address Stamp with Fleur de lis

Recently a client asked for a custom stamp she could use on her envelopes and other items for including her address.  Of course that inspired me do create one for myself.

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Marketing Faux Pas

By Frank | May 18, 2014
Wrong Way Sign

Every day I see terrible choices in print advertisements and on the web. Here is a list a list of Marketing Faux Pas (Don’t Dos) that I see all the time – make sure that you avoid doing them. Using Negatives in Calls to Action…

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Creating a Unique Brand and Sticking with it.

By Frank | April 3, 2012
Safeco Logo

While I bear no animosity towards vista print and their “free” business cards there is no place for them in your branding. They have beautiful samples, backgrounds and other options that can make it easy to create a beautiful business card. Branding is not just…

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Authenticity in Graphic Design

By Frank | March 3, 2012

At Frank’s Designs we strive to do create designs that truly serve the intended purpose. In that regard we take pride in embedding our designs with authenticity even if it takes extra effort. While these are all examples related to the sufi path (or Sufi…

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What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

By Frank | September 10, 2011
Graphic Designer Wanted

This past week a young entrepreneur handed me a flimsy piece of paper printed in black and white and cut (obviously by hand) to the size of business card. I’m sure you can imagine the first impression he left with me. To make things worse…

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Banner Design – when life gives you lemons

By Frank | March 5, 2011
Banner Design for Elite Weiler Pools

We got a call from Elite-Weiler Pools a few days before the Sarasota Bradenton Spring Home Show. They needed us to produce a banner on short notice. It had to be large and attention getting (8′ x 4′). We thought we were well on our way…

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