Why WP Rocket is the Best Caching Plugin

By Frank | September 5, 2018
Woman On A Rocket

I Used to Hate Caching Plugins! I would research and tweak my .htaccess rules which was great for a while because my websites were lean in the first place. Not too many plugins. well designed themes. All of my sites were pretty fast. About 5…

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The Power of Branding | Brianna’s

By Frank | September 3, 2018
Branding And Psychology Briannas Salad Dressing

I recently noticed a bottle of Brianna’s salad dressing in our house and realized that it wasn’t what I thought it was. I have always thought of Brianna’s products as organic and reasonably healthy. Brianna’s branding is excellent. They successfully branded their products so they…

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Dear Firefox Users Rant | Quit using Raleway!

By Frank | August 30, 2018
Illegible Raleway Font

Almost every day I see a website using Raleway (a perfectly good font) but on Chrome it looks like this.. In Firefox, and Microsoft Edge it is perfectly legible. Looks great! (I can’t say how it looks on Safari) Even with higher contrast this font…

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Logo Design for Graber Cabinets

By Frank | August 26, 2018
Graber Cabinets Logo Stacked

You’ll see this logo if you are driving north on Cattlemen between Bee Ridge and Fruitville Road in Sarasota.

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Logo Design for Jesse Marketing Associates

By Frank | August 25, 2018
Jesse Marketing Associates Logo 2015

JMA or Jesse Marketing Associates hired Frank’s Designs to create a new logo for them in 2015. They have been a client ever since. This post will show the evolution of the logo design for JMA. Both the old logo and new logo are reminiscent…

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12 WordPress Mistakes Even Professionals Make

By Frank | July 23, 2018
Shocked And Surprised Boy On The Internet With Laptop Computer

WordPress professionals come with a wide variety of backgrounds so some mistakes may be forgivable. Others.. not so much. After working on many websites built by other people I’ve generated a list of common mistakes and oversights by designers and developers. The 12 WordPress Mistakes 1.…

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Franks Designs Joins the Green Business Partnership

By Frank | June 4, 2018
Sarasota County Green Business Partnership Logo

We joined the green business partnership recently and are happy to announce that Frank’s Designs is primarily Solar Powered. We have always valued environmental responsibility and becoming a member just validates our efforts. The Green Business Partnership is a Sarasota County-sponsored program that encourages environmental stewardship…

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5 Everyday Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

By Frank | March 19, 2018
Monkey plugging ears and dog asleep

Is your marketing team paying attention to important details that can spell success for your company?  It’s easy to point to bad marketing efforts – they are everywhere. Don’t become one a bad marketer! Here are tips to keep your marketing efforts on track and…

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Aikido Sarasota Website Redesign Case Study

By Frank | November 23, 2017
2017 Sarasota Web Design for Aikido Sarasota

Objectives Create a more inviting website that is less traditional Maintain an excellent Page Speed Incorporate integrations with Zen Planner (internet based fitness software) Work with the owner to familiarize her with how to use WordPress and Beaver Builder The Approach In our initial meeting…

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Case Study | Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Website Rebuild

By Frank | October 7, 2017
Custom Web Design for the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

Website Rebuild Objectives Ensure that the website mobile friendly Improve the appearance and usability of the website Ensure that SBEP Staff can access the website while it is under construction Work as a team with Sarasota Bay Estuary Program (SBEP) Staff Industry Intergovernmental Organization Challenges In…

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Is Your Search Engine Optimization Provider Ethical?

By Frank | October 1, 2017
woman in stylish white hat which covers her eyes

Fierce competition has made some ‘White Hat’ SEO service providers compromise their values. Here is why that will not end up well for your business. “White Hat” SEO is universally known to be the gold standard in search engine optimization. But what does that mean…

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Why Avoid Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

By Frank | May 28, 2017
A Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is Like a Swiss Army Knife

I was inspired to write this post because in the past two weeks I was asked to review OR solve problems on a few websites (built by someone else) and coincidentally 3 of them were using the same theme. One of the biggest complaints was speed. Page…

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Flame Inspired Logo Design for Source Fire

By Frank | December 24, 2016
Logo Design featuring Gradient Mesh

This project was fun because I enjoyed the challenge of creating the “S F” in the flames. That was the first step. After that we came up with about dozen variations with hands underneath, no hands a crucible etc. Finally I tried a “gradient mesh”…

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Phoenix Logo for Fired Up Sales

By Frank | October 17, 2016
Fired Up Sales Logo inspired by Phoenix

Rick Torrington asked me to create a new logo for Fired up Sales earlier this year. I really felt that the ideal concept for Fired Up Sales was that of a Phoenix because Fired Up Sales is about building your business up and getting a…

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Logo Design for Tap 72 in Sarasota

By Frank | September 1, 2016
Tap 72 Logo

When Tom Elliot of Linksters Tap Room contacted me to design a logo for Tap 72 we started with the concept of a bulldog with a beer tap. After many revisions we decided to emphasize the clean lines of a state road sign complement that with the word…

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Graphic Designer Help Wanted

By Frank | May 23, 2016
Graphic Designer Wanted

This is a part time / freelance (1099) position. Requirements: US Citizen East Coast USA, Ideally in Sarasota or Manatee County in Florida Must have References Must work with Adobe Suite (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) Must be familiar with Print Design (CMYK, 300ppi, Bleeds /…

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Launch of WPTechGuru Maintenance Plans

By Frank | March 18, 2016
WPTechGuru Banner

Frank’s Designs officially launched WPTechGuru today; a service of Frank’s Designs. Realizing that many small business owners need help with WordPress we came up with two WordPress Maintenance packages including: WordPress Backups WordPress Security (focused on prevention) WordPress Updates (Plugins, Themes and Core) WordPress Performance Improvements WordPress Hosting…

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Large Custom Graphic for Le Macaron San Francisco

By Frank | October 29, 2015
Le Macaron San Francisco Banner Design

As a courtesy to my clients in other cities I have tracked down local printers who can handle various jobs. In this case I wanted a printer in southern San Francisco which could handle large format vinyl banners. Because of the mall’s requirements it was…

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Custom Return Address Stamps

By Frank | September 1, 2015
Custom Return Address Stamp with Fleur de lis

Recently a client asked for a custom stamp she could use on her envelopes and other items for including her address.  Of course that inspired me do create one for myself.

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Neff Gulf Coast Web Development Case Study

By Frank | July 19, 2015
Responsive Web Design Montage for Neff Gulf Coast, premium custom website for downtown Sarasota Business

David and Cindy Wentzel invited me to their office to discuss development of logo and a new website for Neff Gulf Coast. Having been in the cabinetry business for years David and Cindy educated me about cabinetry, hardware and outdoor kitchen design. I was immediately…

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College Bound Landscape Logo Design

By Frank | June 22, 2015
College Bound Landscape Logo created by Frank's Designs

Sometimes the best ideas for logos are from the clients themselves. This is the most affordable way to have a logo designed – by having a clear idea of what you want. In this case the client sent me a drawing of what he wanted…

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