Empowered Marketing™

Empowered Marketing™ is our philosophy towards design

Whether it's print design, website design or design for trade show displays it all needs to convey your message effectively.

A great design:

  • conveys a message
  • triggers an emotional response
  • inspires your target market to take action

Why Frank's Designs Empowered Marketing™ is for you

When you work with us you'll see how everything ties together in design because we consider a wide variety of factors such as:

  • Color choices in your logo and your marketing materials so your image creates the right emotional and psychological impact
  • Choice of wording that is effective and powerfully expresses the message you want to convey
  • Fonts that support your message: friendly and soft, edgy, high tech, sophisticated

Where Branding Fits In

Empower your marketing activities by making sure your branding is unique and memorable. Branding is more than logo design; it's your whole image, from ad design to the words you choose in your marketing materials. Your brand is what people feel when they think of your company. Is it positive, negative, warm, cold, happy, sad, safe, or risky?

After branding the three most important things you can do to market your business are:

  • Personal contact with your existing prospects
  • Networking
  • Public speaking

The choice is clear

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